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Inkjet Perforated Window Film

Select from the list below:

2C 60/40 View - Gloss, Perforated Window Film
3M IJ67 Perforated Window film
3M 8170-P50 50/50 View Windowfilm
3M 8170-P40 60/40 View Windowfilm
3M 8914 - Optically Clear Window Film Overlaminate
6250 ClassicVue - 50/50 Matte Perforated Window Film
6350 ImageVue - 65/35 Matte Perforated Window Film
ReflectVue - 70/30 Perforated Reflective Window Film
6201 ClearLam - Optically Clear Window Film Overlaminate
6202 CurvaLam - Hi Performance Window Film Overlaminate
6253 EconoVue - 60/40 Gloss Perforated Window Film

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